Hand to Hold: A great NICU nonprofit that does mentoring and NICU podcasts. ​

Monthly Baby Photo Label Cards: Print these adorable photo cards to help take pictures to capture these special NICU milestones. 

Octopuses for Preemies: An organization that tries to get as many octopuses to preemies as possible.

The Potato Head Project: An project desgined from a mothers own experience of taking pictures of her preemie beside a potato head, this project gets potato heads to other current preemie parents. 

Twenty-Five and Four: A great nonprofit organization that provides free diaper shirts to NICU families. Click on the link to request your own diaper shirt. 

My Preemie Baby Book: A baby book designed for preemies which captures the milestones that are unique to preemies. You can purchase the book through the link.
Preemie Mom Camp: A page and blog to connect and provide resources to preemie moms.