Mighty Miracles Basic Care Package
Children's Book 

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This basic care package is available for free for current NICU families. Care packages can be requested below. A family or a NICU family friend/other family member can also upgrade and donate to Mighty Miracles Foundation to receive the accessories package or the deluxe care package. Click here to request a free care package  
The World of the NICU
Bonding Heart 
Mighty Miracles NICU Graduation Keepsakes

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These NICU keepsakes are available for free for NICU families who are preparing to graduate/get discharged from the NICU. A NICU graduation certificate and My NICU Family print will be mailed out. Each print is printed on 110lb cardstock and placed in an individual cellopane envelope.  A family or a NICU family friend/other family member can also upgrade and donate to Mighty Miracles Foundation to receive the accessories package or the deluxe care package. Click here to request the NICU graduation keepsakes  
My NICU Home
Mighty Miracles Accessories Package
This accessories care package is available by donating $20 to Mighty Miracles through the request form and Paypal button below. The accessories package is to compliment the basic care package.  The accessories package includes four 5x5 NICU prints, a NICU family tree, guest book, graduation certificate, and NICU octopus. 
NICU Octopus
NICU Keepsake Prints 

Deluxe Care Package

For a donation of $30 to Mighty Miracles, a family will receive a deluxe package.
Each deluxe  care package includes all the items from the basic and accessories
care packages: 

Welcome to the World of the NICU: A parent's guide to parenting a Mighty Miracle
Welcome to the world of the neonatal intensive care unit, NICU for short. This is not a greeting that you ever anticipated or wanted to receive. NICU parents find their selves thrown into a brand new world filled with all sorts of new overwhelming terms, all new scary sounds, ominous looking machines, and emotional highs and lows that most have never before experienced. The World of the NICU is a two part book with Part I helping families transition and learn about the NICU. Our hope is that you can take comfort and learn from those that have been there before. Part II is designed to document baby’s progress for personal records and as a keepsake. Part II contains forms for the NICU and to help you stay organized for life after the NICU. These notes can forever serve as evidence of how strong your family and your mighty miracle were during this time. Congratulations on the birth of your own Mighty Miracle and welcome to the world of the NICU.

My NICU Home
Baby's first art collection is a little something to help decorate the baby's isolette/crib or room as the family works to personalize the space. These Mighty Miracles designs are laminated in heavy lamination to easily clean and sterilize. 

My NICU Family Tree
The NICU staff can become a big part of your life. The NICU Family Tree print is a nice print printed on cardstock for your NICU team to sign so you and your Mighty Miracle will remember this various special part of your family.

Surrounded By Love
This is another cardstock print to act as a keepsake. Mighty Miracles designed this guest print for families to have something for family and friends to sign when they visit.

NICU Graduation Certificate Keepsake
A NICU graduation certificate was designed by Mighty Miracles to give the family a keepsake when the discharge papers finally come. The certificate is designed with space for signatures from the baby's NICU family. 

A Children's Book
A children's book will be included for the family to read to the baby so that the child can be comforted as they listen to Mom and Dad's voices. 

Bonding Heart & Poem
First developed from The Preemie Project in Iowa. The fabric heart is worn against the mother’s skin so that the fabric might absorb the scent of the mother. The heart is placed with the baby in the isolette or crib so the mother is always with her child. The baby can be comforted by their mother's smell and mother's love, Hearts are accompanied by a poem. 

I Love a Mighty Miracle bracelet
Two rubber bracelets are included in each care package.

NICU Octopus

Possible other additions depending on donations and funds. Including  picture frame, miniature beanie baby or stuffed animal, magnets, sleepers, etc.  

Request A Care Package

If you or someone you know has a baby in the NICU you can request a care package.

NICU families can request a basic care package for free. These care packages will be sent out as funds allow. 

If you have received a basic package and would like to have the other Mighty Miracles items a donation of $25 a family can receive the accessories package. 

If you would like to make a donation of $35, a deluxe care package will be sent out. A deluxe package includes items from the basic and accessories package, as well as a NICU octopus.
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Sponsor A Care Package

One of the methods of getting involved and helping Mighty Miracles is to sponsor a care package. The care package can be random or can be directed to someone you know going through the NICU journey.

 If you would like it directed to someone specific please be sure to fill out a care package request above to specify the receiver of the care package.