About Us
Who we are and what we do 
Empowering and supporting families of preemies and those born with special health needs beginning life in the NICU.

Celebrate each life no matter how small or short.
Our goal at Mighty Miracles Foundation is to recognize and celebrate each mighty miracle no matter the size or duration of life. We work to provide support, resources, and keepsakes for families with babies who have  to fight a little harder than others at a chance at life or for families with babies who gain their angel wings.

Educate families on life in the NICU.
Parents are immersed into a new crazy world with in which there appears to be a new vocabulary, various monitors, and various NICU staff. We hope to aid in the transition of NICU life by educating families on common terms, procedures, staff, policies, and expectations be providing booklets and care packages to families. With the goal to educate as well as provide encouragement and hope.

Easing the journey through the NICU
Hosting NICU projects and events with the goal of easing the struggle and heartache of the NICU such as baby’s first holiday projects hosted during the various holidays.

Supporting local NICUs and local NICU families
While Mighty Miracles hope to help reach as many families as possible the primary goal will be to help NICUs and families in the Tulsa area, as well as a broader range of Oklahoma.

Ensuring that families understand they are not alone and available resources
Life in the NICU can feel very lonely and our goal is help give parents love and support and show them that there is a community that is there for them. We work to show and connect families to available resources and assistance.

Help mothers working to provide breastmilk for their NICU babies
While breastmilk has great nutritional value for any baby those in the NICU who are working to overcoming health issues can greatly benefit from breastmilk. Our goal is to aid mothers as they work to provide this for their child by offering financial assistance to help cover the cost of hospital grade breast pumps.



Note from the President and Founder:
Welcome to Mighty Miracles Foundation.

The NICU was a journey that we never expected. We were introduced and immersed into the NICU with the birth of our second son. Kaleb was born at 28 weeks weighing 2lb 2oz. Entering the NICU is like entering into a brand new world with its own language, equipment, procedures, and way of life. Couple that with the fact that with the premature birth gone was the "typical" birth experience with congratulations, baloons, and flowers from family and friends. Gone were the baby things in the postpartum room. Here was this new life that had just been born and family and friends didn't know what to say or do. I get it, because I didn't know what to say or do. That is when the idea came that I wanted to do something to celebrate each life, no matter how short or small. 

The idea for Mighty Miracles continued to take shape for the 99 days I spent beside Kaleb's isolette. The passion for it grew as I would spend the afternoons rocking him and felt like a new parent all over again as I learned what it meant to care for a NICU baby.  Through it all came the idea for care packages for NICU families. 

Thank you for visitng our site and thank you in advance for helping us support the families going through the NICU and celebrating each life. 

God Bless, 
Amanda Dickinson

Click to read Amanda's first birthday story for Kaleb. http://adventuresreflectionsandlifelessons.blogspot.com/2016/09/happy-birthday-i-love-you-stinky-face.html  
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Meet The Team
Amanda Dickinson
Amanda was introduced to the NICU world with the birth of their second son. Kaleb was born at 28 weeks weighing 2lb 2oz. The idea came from her experience as a NICU mother. Amanda is a assistant professor and director of exercise and sports science at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.
T.J. Dickinson
VP/Director of Fundraising
T.J. found himself a parent of a child in the NICU when Kaleb was born 12 weeks premature. T.J. is the head men and women's golf coach at Rogers State University. Because of this he was the perfect fit to oversee the fundraising efforts for Mighty Miracles. 
Brady Richardson
Event Director 
Liz brings a unique perspective of the NICU from her role as a social worker for the NICU and children's hospital. Her heart of gold and expertise made her a natural fit for Mighty Miracles as we look for ways to support NICU families. 
Dr. Becky Le
Director of Research
Dr. Becky Le has served as a nurse in labor and delivery and has served as a lactation consultant. Le is the AGS director of Nursing for Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Le also cofounded The Cottage, a non-profit organization offering free mobile ultrasound clinics, maternal/newborn resources and residential care for pregnant women.
Gary Dickinson
Gary has seen the NICU through the eyes of a grandfather. He has spent many days in the NICU, bringing food, or helping to care for Kaleb's older brother so Amanda and TJ could spend time with Kaleb. Gary has a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table having began his own company and being treasurer for his church. 
Liz Hays
Liz brings a unique perspective of the NICU from her role as a social worker for the NICU and children's hospital. Her heart of gold and expertise made her a natural fit for Mighty Miracles as we look for ways to support NICU families.